Texas or bust

I recently travelled to Texas to visit. It was my first time there so I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew was it was going to be blazing hot. I got there with an open mind and my inhaler(just in case). I stayed in Clear Lake which is 40 minutes out of Houston.image

The  first thing I noticed was the heat and humidity of course and how flat everything is. There is also a ton of shopping malls and places to eat. My bestie is a awesome tour guide😊. So she took me all over. As we rode around I noticed palm trees which reminded me a lot of Florida. The first night, we went to The Grub which had spiked milkshakes and burgers. Can we say yummy!!!





The next day we went to a Astros game which was very slow until the bottom of the ninth. The Astros got a home run and won the game 2-0!!








Our next stop was Kemah. What a beautiful and quaint little town. There was a boardwalk, rides, live bands, restaurants andshops. I also brought home a permanent souvenir, my first tattoo!!! I know crazy right. We spent my last day at the spa before my plane ride back to Virginia. Overall, I had a amazing time and would love to go back to explore more.

More pictures of Kemah.












Goodbye Texas for now✈️💺


7 thoughts on “Texas or bust”

  1. I’ve only visited Texas once and it was to San Antonio. It was October and it was seriously hot and the bugs were crazy! I also made it through one of the worst lightning/rain storms I had ever seen in my entire life. Texas is interesting for sure! Looks like you had a great time. Good for you.


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