Packing,Packing, and more Packing

I hate packing, maybe because I’m a procrastinator. Also I hate when I forget something. I’m trying to remember everything we could possibly need for this cruise. I know we can buy things there but it always seems overpriced. So here are a few things I’m packing:


I’m bringing a little medicine cabinet which includes Dramamine, Motrin, peptobismal, Off bug spray, Bandaids, and Anti-Diarrheal.

imageAlso I have Sunblock, bug spray, and mouth care items.


I’m almost done😅……off to do more laundry😬


15 thoughts on “Packing,Packing, and more Packing”

      1. Oh yes, maybe its a bloke thing I take very few bottles as for suntan lotion if I go to Spain I buy it nthere as their brand is so good. It is called After Sun and is in a white plastic bottle with a blue top.

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      1. These days I prefer to keep it simple with the beaches of San Juan. I used to do lots of cruises in the Caribbean. Did the European thing as a kid and London & Paris since I have family there.

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