What I’m listening to on the plane

I’m love 90’s music mostly R&B. So what I’m listening to but not limited to:

Groups                                               Favorite Song

SWV                                                      Right here(human nature)

Aaliyah                                                  One in a million

Boyz II Men                                         End of the road

New Edition                                         Your not my kind of girl

En Vogue                                              Hold on

Janet Jackson                                      I get lonely

Mary J. Blige.                                       Love no limit

Tevin Campbell                                    I’m Ready

TLC                                                         Diggin’ on you

There are a few current songs I’m obsessed with now.

The Weeknd                                           Can’t feel my face

Omi                                                           Cheerleader

Alessia Cara                                             Here

D’Angelo                                                   Really Love

What is everyone listening too? I’m curious😊.


10 thoughts on “What I’m listening to on the plane”

  1. Long time since I’ve flown anywhere I did travel for three months just hitching around Europe no room for books! Following year went up to see midnight sun in Scandinavia then hitched through Northern Finland, Norway arn out of money so worked in Denamrk then headed south to Greece, Crete, Rhodes, Cyrpus flew into Israel spent about six months on a kibbutz. Probably the bext year of my life.

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