Writing 101: Day 4


Five years ago, I traveled overseas for the first time. What a experience!!! My best friend, her mother, and I went to Paris then travelled to London. We spent a total of a week in Europe. I loved seeing all the places I read about or saw on T.V. Here is my picture of Big Ben:


Our experience in London was great. The Londeners were very friendly and helpful. We definitely over packed which made it very hard to navigate the tubes. Several people helped carry out luggage up steep staircases and were very helpful with directions.

imageWe had a proper English breakfast….


Fish and chips at a pub.


We were able to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.


Next time I go I want to definitely get on the London eye. I would love to go for more time. Explore more. I think we just scratched the surface. Paris was also amazing!!! A post for another day😊.


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