Writing 101: Day 5


I thought I was truly living when I graduated nursing school. I started working in hospitals and was happier than a clam. Cut to 20 years later, I realized that there is more to life than just punching a clock and going through routines.  I identified myself as  nurse. I’m starting to realize that is not all I am. I don’t want to just exist and go through the motions. I’m trying to find my purpose. I know God has a plan that is bigger than punching a clock. I want to live!!!! Once I figure it out I will let you know but for right now I am on a journey to live😊.


9 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 5”

  1. You are right. You are much more. We weren’t born to fulfill just one role – our potential cannot be contained in the tight confines of our day-jobs. You were a nurse – you had compassion, a willingness to help, and an analytical mind. You could be a writer, a singer, an artist…

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  2. You are definitely on your way. Yes you are a nurse but you have a life beyond that. 😀 Being a nurse is great but you have a looot of things to accomplished aside from being a nurse. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

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