What I’m obsessing over this week😬😬😬😬

I decided to do a weekly feature on my blog. At first I wanted to do a weekly feature on just music. I love music!!! It’s everything. I can usually remember where I was when a certain song plays. Music is like a soundtrack to my life(not my quote..lol). However I thought I could expand that idea to not only music but whatever is on my mind each week. Let me know what you think….

This week I’m obsessing over music. The song that is on replay is Pentatonix “Can’t sleep love”. I love how they harmonize all without instruments. Check out the song here:

FYI: I do not own the rights to this music. For information only.


20 thoughts on “What I’m obsessing over this week😬😬😬😬”

  1. The wonderful thing about music is that it is the cord (pun sort of intended) that ties all life together. Every person, generation has a soundtrack to their life. Music crosses all boundries. It is a good thing to obsess over. The song was pretty amazing.

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  2. Yeah very interesting having grown up with music of 50s & 60s this is very interesting, yes good harmonizing but not really my cup of tea, but it is a pleasant enough song but don’t think I could liusten to it a lot. Oddly enough I was playing surf stuff yesterday well it looked a bit cloudy so I thought I’d put on some summery stuf. But like your idea of doing something every week.

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  3. I’m not musically inclined but I grew up listening to music. A song from my past pops up every day. My daughter and I really like Pentatonex. I’ll share this with her, to share with her toddler!

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