What I’m obsessing over this weekl

So a new week brings new obsessions. I think I already said I love fall. I love the cooler sweater weather. I have a few other favorites this week.

1⃣ Fall🍁🍂

2⃣ My favorite blog, I love how Jaqueline writes about a little bit of everything. She writes poems, short stories, her family, and whatever she feels like. Also like how supportive she is. I can always look forward to a comment from her.

3⃣ Music

I just love this song. I love the tune of her voice. The lyrics remind me high school.

I figured I would also add another song but it’s a little older. I saw Earth,Wind&Fire years ago. One of the best concerts I have seen. Gotta show them some love with one of my favorites from them. Here it is:

Let me know what you think. I do not have the rights to this music for information only.


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