What I’m obsessed with lately


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Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the states. We have the usual fare of turkey, stuffing, greens, sweet pototoes, and cranberry sauce to name a few dishes. Every year for dessert we have sweet potatoe pie. Sometimes I also make a lemon pound cake. But sweet potatoe pie is my favorite and has been for years. So this year singer Patti Labelle has sweet potatoe pie for sale in Walmart. I had no idea until I saw a YouTube video of someone reviewing the pies. Well, the pies started to fly off the self. They are no where to be found. So I found out that the pie recipe is in her first cookbook. I have this cookbook. My husband bought the cookbook for me years ago. I have never been disappointed with the recipes in the book. Patti can cook!!! But it’s kind of funny I never discovered the sweet potatoe pie recipe before.


Here is a picture of the cookbook. Recipes to sing about.


The recipe made filling for two pies😊😊😊😊. I have yet to taste them. Can’t wait to tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “What I’m obsessed with lately”

  1. Wow if they are the pies you made they look truly scrumptious, but being English I’ve never heard of sweet potato pie and so I’ll have to look up the recipe and give it a try.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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