5 things I didn’t know before moving to Germany

Photo credit: my daughter of a local trail.

What a awesome experience it has been to move and live in Germany. Back story: We moved in June from Virginia. We lived in Virginia for 19 years. So when my husband got a job opportunity to move, I was excited and scared. But living in Europe is on our bucket list.  So we jumped. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past month in a half.

1. No air conditioners. So our house doesn’t have air conditioning. It really hadn’t been too bad(coming from a person that would turn in the air as soon as it turned 70 degrees😅). It’s not as humid here. Plus there is not too many days that go above 80 degrees.

2. Rouladens. Who needs a shade or darkening curtains, when you have metal shades on every window. Also they help cool rooms down. Another added bonus is  the shades make it very easy to sleep in.

3. The food is fresher and I like it. The whole chickens look normal in size. Vegetables are tasty. I don’t even mind going to the store more often to replenish.

4. Recycling. We recycled in my old neighborhood but here it’s serious. We recycle just about everything and there is a lot more sorting involved. I got the sorting down to a science now. I actually feel good about it.

5. Bikes and trails are all over. So are the bike riders and joggers. They are inspiring me to get healthier. I want a bike with a basket. Goals. There are also so much greenery here. It’s not overly built up which makes it beautiful.  

Has anyone else had a big move? Tell me about it….


3 thoughts on “5 things I didn’t know before moving to Germany”

  1. This is my second time living in Germany and there are so many differences for sure. I LOVE IT here, if I could live here forever. I would. I think the funniest thing I’ve learned is the whole using your thumb as #1 symbol, I still can’t get that right.

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    1. What part of Germany do you live in? I don’t think I’ve seen the thumb as the #1 symbol…I have only been here two months though. I really like living here a lot too.


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