Ice skating

Böblingen Oberensee

So beautiful out today. The lake froze over  and everyone was out. They were either skating, sledding, or just walking across.




We had a great time in Praque or should I say Praha. We went in November. It was pretty cold but we still enjoyed ourselves. We were able to stay in a apartment pretty close to the city center. We usually use to find places. It’s easier because we have a family of 5 and hotels don’t always work.

Astronomical Clock

It was so crowded even in the cold. Every hour there is a show. We always missed it:(. 

Old Town Square

We had to get Glühwein( hot wine). 

Charles Bridge

The Powder Tower

Praque Castle

Beautiful view of the city from Praque Castle.

We loved it here. I would love to go back and see more of the city maybe when it’s warmer. 

Photos: me