Place I want to go in 2017

There are soooo many places we would like to go in 2017. Here are a few places that are on the list…..

1. London

I have been to London once.  I liked it so much I want to take my family back.
2. Mallorca

We have never been. We can’t wait for warm sunny days.
3. Paris

My daughter is graduating from high school this year. I would love to take her here.
4. Berlin

We want to explore as much of Germany as possible.
5. Black Forest

Simply beautiful !!

So that’s my list let’s see how many on the list we actually make it to. By the way the list is not in any particular order.  What are some of your travel plans for 2017?  Please share😊😊😊

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4 thoughts on “Place I want to go in 2017”

      1. Well… since you asked!
        Alaska and the Canadian Rockies, Florence, both of which are already planned for this year! I also would LOVE to tour the Normandy beaches/Loire Valley and re-visit Paris and Giverny. Next on the list is a tour around England, not so much London as the English countrysidel. I have written blog articles about both of these imaginary trips, plus the Canadian Rockies trip. I would also LOVE to visit China and see the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the terra cotta soldiers. and on top of this, I wouldn’t mind another family trip to Disney World or Disneyland:)
        Pretty sure I will NOT accomplish all of this in 2017…. but a girl can dream!

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      2. Sounds amazing!!! It’s Disney Paris 25th year Anniversary!!! You might have to add that to the list. And yes a girl can dream!!

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