Learning Deutsch

I have been in German classes for four months. What a challenge it has been. I go to the local community college. The class is four hours five days a week. I feel like it’s taking my old brain forever to get it. The grammar is so hard. 

Könnten Sie mir bitte helfen?

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7 thoughts on “Learning Deutsch”

  1. I actually find a lot of similarities between english and german. They are both germanic languages.
    The easiest way of learning it is when you are forced to speak it and you get exposed to it, aka visiting Germany or speaking with natives.
    I am German and learnt english this way.
    You could also try to listen to a german radio station over the internet or believe it or not, read simple fairy tales for children in german.
    The grammar will be easy, since it’s written for children and the more you get exposed to it, the easier it will come to you.

    Best of luck! Or “Viel Glueck!”

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    1. Danke schön! We are currently living in Germany. I find when I start to engage in Deutsch, the response I get us usually in English. I guess they must feel sorry for me. I’ll start watching also on TV. Thanks for your great tips

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      1. Oh even better.
        I know the feeling. That’s what I get in France when I try speaking French. Just tell them, please talk to me in German (“bitte sprechen Sie deutsch mit mir.”)

        Talk as much as you can, listen to the language on the radio and watch TV. The more you get exposed to it, the more it will get into your system so to speak.
        The first few months can be tough learning a new language but afterwards it gets easier. Stick with it.

        Say hello to my country! 😘

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      2. Will do😊. Any tips on learning articles? Oh La la France. Good luck to you in your journey with learning French. Germany says hello👋👋. We love it here.


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