Gran Canaria,Spain

Gran Canaria,Spain

I had no idea Gran Canaria existed, not to mention that there are seven islands.  Also that the islands are of the northwest coast of Africa. So it took 4 and 1/2 hours flight from Germany. I had a lot time to catch up on my favorite podcasts. What a nice break this was from the cold weather. I have to say it wasn’t as warm here as a thought it would be. It was cool and a little windy.  We stayed on the northern part of the island. We had friends who stayed in the southern part and it was noticeably warmer. Our taxi driver said it was usually cooler for this time of the year. We stayed the city of Las Palmas.

This is the view from our hotel room. We stayed at the AC hotels which is part of Marriott. The hotel was what I would expect from a Marriott. Check-in was effortless and the staff was friendly. The hotel was nice and modern. The room was comfortable and had everything we needed.

We got settled and went to get something to eat. We decided to meet our friends on the other side of the island. There were a abundance of good restaurants to choose from. We had to have tapas and sangria. We called it a night after that. We took the bus back to the other side of the island. Way cheaper than taking a taxi and easy to navigate.

Views from the city. There were so many parks, playgrounds and dog parks. So beautiful.

Our breakfast at a cute cafe in town. The orange juice was so yummy and fresh. The people here are so nice and helpful. Off to the beach on the bus.

It was a beautiful warm day.

There were sand dunes that went on and on. So Awesome, it’s like we were in the Sahara!

Lunch by the beach. We had a good day at the beach. Back to the bus and our hotel.

The views from our hotel pool. Time to go check out the night life.

Las Palmas Cathedral

The nighttime is the right time for a gin and tonic. The city is so beautiful when it’s lit up at night. It was carnival when we were there. There was a parade but it was on one of the other islands. But we did see a drag show and a dance party. Amazing. Everyone was walking around in costumes and just having a good time. I didn’t get a lot of photos. I was mostly snap chatting. I wish I would have saved the videos before they deleted.

This is the only picture I have of the drag show. We ended the night here.



I just realized when I was going through the photos. The door photo from two posts ago is a different building. Oops!

We had a good long weekend here. We would definitely like to go back and explore the other islands. I also realized I lost a lot of my Spanish language. I haven’t used it in awhile. I have been so focused on German.  The good thing is we didn’t have problems communicating with anyone. Mostly everyone spoke English. Until next time………..

photos: iPhone 6





A couple months ago, we went to Frankfurt for three days. What a neat city. A nice mixture of old and new. This time we stayed in hotel. We had to book two rooms for our family of five.

We were graceful that the breakfast was included. The hotel was also walking distance to the heart of the city. So we just left our car in the garage for the weekend.

Chipotle oh how I missed thee…

 Sehr schön

Shopping area

Yummy Schnitzel and Apfel Wein. There were so many restaurants to choose from. Also if you need a haircut there were a lot of salons here. I know very random.

Next time we will bring a lock too. Do you have any travel plans? Let me know:)

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