A guick trip to Strasbourg 

We went to a wine expo in Strasbourg, France on Sunday. Oh my!!! I don’t think I have ever been to a expo this big. All of the wines of course were from France. The expo was over four days and you would probably need a couple of days or more to get through it all. The signs were clearly marked at each booth which region their wine was from. I don’t know which region is my favorite but we did a lot of tasting. I definitely will make this a yearly trip to find my favorites. We did find some good souvenirs to bring home, mostly white. 

Here is the name if you would like to visit next time: Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indepéndants

Good times and good food🍷🍷🍷



A couple months ago, we went to Frankfurt for three days. What a neat city. A nice mixture of old and new. This time we stayed in hotel. We had to book two rooms for our family of five.

We were graceful that the breakfast was included. The hotel was also walking distance to the heart of the city. So we just left our car in the garage for the weekend.

Chipotle oh how I missed thee…

 Sehr schön

Shopping area

Yummy Schnitzel and Apfel Wein. There were so many restaurants to choose from. Also if you need a haircut there were a lot of salons here. I know very random.

Next time we will bring a lock too. Do you have any travel plans? Let me know:)

Photos: me