What I’m obsessed with lately


I ❤️Agatha Christie. I especially love reading her books. Oh and the BBC adaptions, I just can’t get enough. So season 12 just released on Netflix, I couldn’t help but binge watch. I can see how the production improved over the years but still keeping the same feel. I also like to go back and re watch past seasons also. My favorite episodes are the Dumb Witness and Orient Express but of course I love them all☺️☺️. Waiting patiently😱 on the season 13 on Netflix.

My next obsession if you could call it that. I should just say my next love is my hubby of 19 years this month. Here is the song we danced to at our wedding. Here is to many more years together!!!!

I have no words for Luther Vandross. Love all of his songs. I went to his concert in the 90’s. Wonderful!!!! That man could blow!!! It’s crazy that he is no longer with us.

Let me know what you loving this week.

photo credit: Google images

youtube video: 80’s US R&B slowjams