Flashback Friday


Ocean City,Maryland



A couple months ago, we went to Frankfurt for three days. What a neat city. A nice mixture of old and new. This time we stayed in hotel. We had to book two rooms for our family of five.

We were graceful that the breakfast was included. The hotel was also walking distance to the heart of the city. So we just left our car in the garage for the weekend.

Chipotle oh how I missed thee…

 Sehr schön

Shopping area

Yummy Schnitzel and Apfel Wein. There were so many restaurants to choose from. Also if you need a haircut there were a lot of salons here. I know very random.

Next time we will bring a lock too. Do you have any travel plans? Let me know:)

Photos: me


We had a great time in Praque or should I say Praha. We went in November. It was pretty cold but we still enjoyed ourselves. We were able to stay in a apartment pretty close to the city center. We usually use booking.com to find places. It’s easier because we have a family of 5 and hotels don’t always work.

Astronomical Clock

It was so crowded even in the cold. Every hour there is a show. We always missed it:(. 

Old Town Square

We had to get Glühwein( hot wine). 

Charles Bridge

The Powder Tower

Praque Castle

Beautiful view of the city from Praque Castle.

We loved it here. I would love to go back and see more of the city maybe when it’s warmer. 

Photos: me

Lake Constance,Germany

We traveled to Lake Constance this summer. We drove two hours to get there from home. It was a nice scenic drive, actually beautiful. We arrived at our hotel Truschwende4. This hotel had a modern feel to it although in the middle of the country. We were able to muddle through check in with my husband’s german and some english by the hotel front desk clerk. The staff at the hotel were very friendly and welcoming. After settling into our room, we drove to Lake Constance. Lake Constance is about one hour from our hotel. Poor planning on my part, I didn’t realize it was that far from our hotel. The hotel made up for the distance. The rooms were roomy and clean. There was also a restaurant and bar onsite. We had breakfast there the next morning which was not included in the price but good. Hot and cold items were served.

Lake Constance

How beautiful!!!! The walk along the lake were breathtaking. The border of Austria and Zurich was visible from the lake. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in the area and shopping of course.

Island of Mainau

We took a car ferry to the island of Mainau. How awesome is that!! Ok so the lake was beautiful but this island…Whoa!!!! There are gardens, gorgeous landscaping and displays, a petting zoo and a butterfly house. There is even a castle!!! If your hungry there are places to grab a snack or a full meal at the beer garden. But there are other restaurants on the island. If you want souvenirs there are shops too.


Rheinfalls was out next stop after the island. Not a bad drive at all maybe 30 to 40 minutes from the island. We got to cross the Swiss border. Falls are another gorgeous place. What a day!!! There is a castle. Places to eat although quite pricey. The franc is killing it. Did you catch the rainbow?

We ended our day with dinner near Lake Constance at a Greek restaurant. I would definitely go back to each place and explore a little more. A good time was had by all, on to the next adventure.
Photos: yours truly

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Flashback Friday

Flashback to the time when we were on a Disney Mediterrnean Cruise. One of our ports of call was Livorno. We booked our excursion with Disney Cruise. We took a bus from Livorno to Pisa. We then took a cute trolley train to Miracle Square(where the leaning tower is). There was so many cute cafes and shops. Oh the first picture is the city wall. The third picture is a 13th century Cathedral and an 12th century circular building. Also featured is of course the leaning tower. Just breathtaking!!!! Loved every minute. Especially the ride through the Tuscan countryside.  I thought I would start sharing trips I have taken over the last year on Flashback Friday’s. Hope you enjoy.

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