Tips for planning a cruise

imageMy family and I are going on a 7 day Disney Mediterranean Cruise. We sail from Barcelona to Naples, Rome, Pisa Italy, Monte Carlo France then back to Barcelona. We decided to take a overnight flight so we could adjust to the time change. We arrive in Barcelona two days prior to sailing. Here are a few things we learned along the way.

  1. Planning: We booked our cruise a year out and made monthly payments until our deadline through disney. You could also book through Costco ( they were giving a $500 credit at their stores for booking with them…this may change). A travel agent could also help.
  2. Flights: I followed @airfarewatchdog, @thepointsguy, and we also stalked Expedia to try and find the best prices.
  3. Also make sure you have the correct travel documents. Our passports for the states have to be valid for 6 months after the cruise.
  4. Excursions: Most of our excursions we booked through Disney. Especially Rome because we heard the traffic is horrendous there. We didn’t want to miss the boat. You can also book excursions on your on through car/limo services. Of course you could always make it on our own with a taxi and guide book.
  5. Hotels: Since we are a family of 5, we decided to book a apartment through Otherwise we would have to book to hotel rooms. We also searched airbnb another good site for apartment rentals either for a couple of days or weeks. We decided to fly in 2 days early so we could see Barcelona.
  6. Guide books: Rick Steves is my go to guide book. We used his books in Paris and London.  Very helpful.
  7. Disney navigator app: We will use this app on board for daily info, deck plans, dining options, and  Mickey sightings. There is free wifi on the boat.
  8. Phone Situation: We will probably buy a international phone card before we go just in case. We also plan on keeping our phones on airplane mode so we do not incur roaming charges.
  9. Currency: Call credit card companies to confirm credit cards will work overseas. I also have a money belt to keep my valuables safe. We will probably exchange some money to have for cabs and places that only take cash.
  10. Of course I’ll bring my camera to take plenty of pictures😊

Please let me know if you have any tips to share😊