What I’m listening to on the plane

I’m love 90’s music mostly R&B. So what I’m listening to but not limited to:

Groups                                               Favorite Song

SWV                                                      Right here(human nature)

Aaliyah                                                  One in a million

Boyz II Men                                         End of the road

New Edition                                         Your not my kind of girl

En Vogue                                              Hold on

Janet Jackson                                      I get lonely

Mary J. Blige.                                       Love no limit

Tevin Campbell                                    I’m Ready

TLC                                                         Diggin’ on you

There are a few current songs I’m obsessed with now.

The Weeknd                                           Can’t feel my face

Omi                                                           Cheerleader

Alessia Cara                                             Here

D’Angelo                                                   Really Love

What is everyone listening too? I’m curious😊.


Packing,Packing, and more Packing

I hate packing, maybe because I’m a procrastinator. Also I hate when I forget something. I’m trying to remember everything we could possibly need for this cruise. I know we can buy things there but it always seems overpriced. So here are a few things I’m packing:


I’m bringing a little medicine cabinet which includes Dramamine, Motrin, peptobismal, Off bug spray, Bandaids, and Anti-Diarrheal.

imageAlso I have Sunblock, bug spray, and mouth care items.


I’m almost done😅……off to do more laundry😬